The Family


Kerry Damskey is a renowned international consulting winemaker. Kerry, long known internationally as the Indiana Jones of Winemaking, is a graduate from UC Davis. He has founded and continues to guide some of Northern California’s top wineries. Kerry understood from the beginning that his aptitude for identifying great vineyards would be as important as his genius for winemaking. Always experimenting with clones, cooperage and style, Kerry is never satisfied to do things the same way, there is no formula for winemaking - not great winemaking and this push toward innovation has made Kerry one of the most sought after consultants in the industry.

Kerry fell in love with mountain vineyards early in his career when he was at the helm of Gauer Estates, one of California’s first cult wines. In Kerry’s words, “mountain vineyards are dynamic and can posses both grace and strength.”


Daisy spent years riding her horse though the now iconic vineyards of Rutherford and Oakville when enjoying life on her families ranch on Highway 29 in Napa’s Rutherford AVA. This romanticized view of the wine country, before the traffic, was her reality. Married after finishing her studies at UC Davis, she and her husband Kerry have worked together for 38 years, as partners and friends and they are known for brand building as well as winemaking. Daisy's professional experience ranges from holding executive positions throughout the non-profit world to building wine brands like Chalk Hill. In 1999, Daisy and Kerry founded Palmeri, creating expressive small lot wines from unique mountain terroirs.


Drew grew up in the vineyards of Napa and Sonoma counties. Drew’s grandfather was a grape grower in Napa Valley and Drew’s Father, Kerry Damskey, is a well-known international consulting winemaker. Weekends were spent helping in his grandfather’s vineyard and learning about growing grapes and making wine. He graduated from college with a degree in International Studies with a focus on Chinese, importing wine in Shanghai inspired Drew to work within the international wine market and after school, he moved to India where he marketed wine, beer, and spirits for India’s largest wine producer and importer. Moving back to the States in 2012 for graduate school he was selected for the first cohort of MBA students in Wine Business from Sonoma State University. Today, post MBA degree, Drew works as a wine consultant in both Napa and Sonoma, helping build wine brands and working alongside his parents, at Palmeri. Drew was named as a 2017 Winemaker to Watch by the San Francisco Chronicle.